As is a trend setter of qualitative production that display swift, smooth and economic process of manufacturing for the hot or cold mixture of asphalt or bitumen, we have put forward mobile asphalt drum mix plant with all desirable features. We are serving the industry with our efficient machinery for over a decade. With rich experience of fabrication of technologically advanced plant with latest generation controls, we have designed cost effective range of Asphalt machinery.

To help the contractors who are working with more than one project, we have designed mobile asphalt drum mix plant. It is available with different capacity range as per need. It is provided with the capacity up to 150 tons hot mix asphalt per hour. The hot mix asphalt can be produced at the desired site and such plant contains very easy portability and simple mechanism to operate.

This operator friendly plant can be move easily from one site to other site. The plant can be installed in tractors, trailers or in trucks. It can be park easily at required place.

It is provided with cables to make proper interconnection of integrated units. It is also provided with plugs and junctions. All units are safely mounted with the chassis. So, entire system can be prepared quickly for the production due to its simple set ups.

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