Our offered series of road marking machine is one of our high tech construction equipments that is designed to offer qualitative performance for positive glass bead spraying mechanism. Qualitative performance of our efficient construction machinery has gained us the reputation as topmost manufacturers and exporter of road marking machine and other construction plants.

Our road marking machine is made from best grade material and contains thermoplastic tank, screed box, glass bead container, rear wheels, front wheels, and a heating system. It contains dimensions of 1200 L x 600 W x 900 H. It has total 175 Kgs.

It is used to mark the road with the varied size of markings. For perfect, sharp and clear stripes machine is provided with screed box with thickness adjustment system. The rear wheel contains self-wheel lock for the perfect straight line.

The thermoplastic material is subject to direct heating with LPG burners for the quick action of marking. Screed box is designed to offer 150 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm and 500 and customized box for the specific need.

It contains front wheels of 2 x 250 mm diameter and rear wheels 1 x 150 diameters.

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